April 23rd – “SheForHe: The Future of Men”


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Join SFU Advocacy For Men & Boys and 3 women fighting for Men’s Human Rights for a Presentation and Panel Discussion featuring: Alison Tieman, Hannah Wallen, and Karen Straughan of Honey Badger Radio.


“Chivalry, women and children first, #heforshe… what do all these things have in common? The idea that men are more powerful than women and must use that power in service of women’s weakness and inability. This is the traditional idea of manhood, using strength to serve and protect the traditional weaker feminine.
But what if the truth is that women are not weak and not incapable. And that it’s really women who should be obligated to use their power in service of men’s vulnerabilities? Introducing #SheforHe and the radical notion that a being a damsel, for women, isn’t radical.” – Alison Tieman (Presenter)

SheForHe: The Future of Men
Saturday, April 24th @ 3pm
SFU Harbour Centre – 515 Hastings St. West
Room #1800 (Main Floor)

Hosted by SFU Advocacy for Men & Boys
Sponsored by the Canadian Association for Equality Vancouver and Area Branch

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