May 27th, “What Does It Mean To Be A Man Today?”



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What does it mean to be a man today? Claims that “men are in crisis” have grown in recent years with some stating an official “end of men.” More practically, there are growing opinions that dating/relationships with men have become more complex than in the past – is this a product of men’s confused identity?

Panel Discussion: What Does It Mean To Be A Man Today?
Friday, May 27th @ 6:30pm
SFU Harbour Centre – 515 Hastings St. West
Room #1800 (Main Floor)

Hosted by SFU Advocacy for Men & Boys
Sponsored by the Canadian Association for Equality Vancouver and Area Branch


John Hembling (MGTOW Activist)
A former Men’s Rights Activist, John Hembling is a popular figure in the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement. He has produced numerous articles and videos on the plight of men in modern society including legal biases against men, the misrepresentation of domestic violence facts in academia/media, and more.

Eddy Baller (Ultimate Man Builder)
The founder of, Eddy Baller is a Vancouver dating coach who helps heterosexual men become more confident, refine social skills, and create great relationships. Eddy writes regularly on personal development, for women and men, and his articles have been featured on Plenty of Fish, The GoodMen Project, Vancity Buzz, and more.

Cory Bretz (ManKind Project)
As a member of the Vancouver Men’s Evolvement Network in 1990’s Cory led the Men’s Wisdom Council Talking Circle, a place where men could safely begin to speak their truth. He was one of the facilitators who created the mythopoetic Passageway Men’s Retreat that ran for several years, helping men use ancient stories and ritual to redefine their lives. In 1999 he attended the ManKind Project New Warrior Training Adventure and he’s been a regular in local MKP men’s support groups ever since. Cory is also an entrepreneur, gatherer of stories and filmmaker at Heirloom Films and Storybooks (

Kevin Dale McKeown (Daily Xtra Columnist)
In the early 70’s Kevin Dale McKeown became the first “out” gay journalist in Canada, writing for the Georgia Straight. Since then he has written extensively about Vancouver’s gay community, including on issues affecting it’s male population. Kevin brings to the panel a unique perspective on what it means to be a man today with awareness of issues affecting men in both the heterosexual and LGBTTQ communities.

The Waterfront Skytrain station is only 1 block from SFU Harbour Centre. Alternatively there are numerous buses that stop in the area – more info available via TransLink. For drivers check out this Parkopedia link for information on parking in the area of SFU Harbour Centre:


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