The NEW SFU Men’s Centre Proposal

DOWNLOAD The NEW SFU Men’s Centre Proposal (Sept 2016)

Recently an interesting post by an anonymous user was shared by SFU Confessions, a Facebook page where students “can send your deepest, darkest confessions and [they] will post it up anonymously!”:


In September of 2016 SFU Advocacy For Men & Boys (SFUAMB) submitted a new proposal to the SFSS for a Men’s Centre. In response the SFSS requested that a needs assessment be conducted to determine the needs of the community on campus. In October SFUAMB submitted a grant proposal to fund research towards that end and is still awaiting feedback.

Do you support a Men’s Centre at SFU? If so, here’s what you can do about it:

  1. Read our SFU Men’s Centre Proposal (SFUMC)
  2. Email the SFSS and tell them why you support a Men’s Centre on campus –>
  3. Like and comment the SFU confession featured above.

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